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Hey guys I am kalpesh ! this our blog and we share all kind of information towards our audience as we catch on our mind anything . guys firstly i started this blog in 2006 but after that i got fail to maintain that blog. Actually that time i was far more busy in my daily chores and my study. But now in 2020 I completed my Graduation in Mechanical Engineering.

Guys i don't wanted to start my blog again, but one of my best friends forced  me to do so and  he is also included in my blog. His  name is Akshay and he is good blogger . since my college time , he was my classmate and he has a good confidence level and he is good writer in my perspective. We both completed our Graduation at same time.

Actually we both are not interested in doing job that is why we decided to do blogging. although we did not get much success in our work , but as soon as we will get our goal and achievement.

Actually we both live in Surat, Gujarat, India
and we both are fancier of  eating tasty food . so at this moment we don't have our specific Niche but as soon as we will decide our Niche and i hope and I want that we want to select our niche on food and want to success...

so guys this is our introduction, If you like our blog then please follow our blog to give more support. Thank You Guys........

If  you have any question and suggestion about this blog then you can contact us by Email ID which is given Below:-

Kalpesh :- kalpeshsolanki421@gmail.com

Akshay : akshayladhiya@gmail.com

you can also contact us by feeling the Contact Form which is given bottom side of our india coverage page...

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